USAA Powersports Savings Program

About the Program

Rollick is excited to announce a new partnership with USAA Perks to deliver a one-of-a-kind Powersports Savings Program. The program features a Powersports purchase offering exclusively available for Rollick’s OEM clients. USAA is one of the country’s largest providers of insurance, investing, and banking solutions for members of the U.S. military, veterans, and their families. The organization, which is regularly voted as the top financial services company by JD Power, serves more than 13 million members.

The goal of the Powersports Savings Program is to create more opportunities for USAA members to get outdoors and experience the Powersports lifestyle. As a participating Powersports manufacturer, you will be aligned with one of the largest and most trusted brands in the country supporting the U.S. military, resulting in a lift in trust and awareness for your brand as well as incremental sales.

Powersports OEM Participation


Rollick is offering Powersports OEMs the opportunity to participate in the USAA Perks Powersports Savings Program. OEMs that choose to participate will be exposed to over 13 million USAA military members, veterans, and their families. The savings will be delivered to US-based members via a Rollick-operated gift card offer process and requires no operational support by the OEM.

Program Overview

How the Program Works

When a USAA member selects the Powersports brand they are interested in, they will be asked to submit their information via a form and asked to verify their USAA membership.

Rollick will ping the USAA database to verify their membership, then the lead will be passed to the OEM for follow-up.

When an Powersports vehicle is purchased, the USAA member is required to report their purchase on the co-branded USAA Perks + Rollick website.

Once Rollick verifies that the lead originated through the USAA Perks program, the OEM funded offer will be distributed to the customer.

Request to Participate